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16 reasons the Verizon network provides a sweet experience for college hoops fans

By: Chuck Hamby
16 reasons the Verizon network provides a sweet experience for college hoops fans

The madness of the men’s college basketball tournament is in full roar, and many fans of the final 16 teams are traveling in support of their beloved schools. Along with the t-shirts, noisemakers and face-paint, you can bet that wireless devices will be on everyone’s packing list.

Smartphone? Check.

Tablet? Check.

Earbuds, power station and protective case? Check, check and check.

There’s one important element that you can’t pack, and that’s a reliable, high-quality network. Here are 16 sweet reasons Verizon is the clear fan favorite when it comes to providing a better wireless network experience, whether on the road or at a home game:

  1. Verizon’s network teams have worked overtime on enhancements at every tournament quarterfinal arena, boosting network capacity and preparing indoor antennae systems in Anaheim, Chicago, Louisville and Philadelphia.
  2. Customers enjoy a 4G LTE network spanning 2.3 million square miles -- nobody covers more of America.
  3. More people – 314 million Americans, from Eugene to Miami – are covered by Verizon’s 4G LTE network than any other.
  4. XLTE means more capacity than before for the things you want to do, when you want to do them – like posting a selfie with a Zag.
  5. Verizon reaches more of America’s heartland than any company – that’s right, Bloomington, Ames and Lawrence, we gotcha covered!
  6. That’s money: Verizon has invested more than $110 billion since 2000 in its nationwide wireless network.
  7. The latest studies from RootMetrics says Verizon has the top wireless network in ALL the cities hosting college hoops quarterfinals: Anaheim, Louisville, Philadelphia and Chicago.
  8. JDP says Verizon’s network is best in all six JDP regions across the U.S. – so no matter whether you’re coming or going, the better network will be here … and there.
  9. Speed in bursts is like a point guard who only goes from foul-line to mid-court. Sustained speed is best, and Verizon customers enjoy it consistently.
  10. Innovation matters to fans. Verizon engineers already are testing 5G technology – think of it as going from a two-handed set shot to a windmill slam-dunk.
  11. If you’re on-the-go at tip-off, the Verizon network provides an unmatched streaming experience across America.
  12. With Verizon’s HD Voice, calls are crisper and you can even video-chat to share big moments at the game.
  13. Verizon’s network provides a better experience for customers using the latest tech, like the Samsung Galaxy S7 and iPhone/iPad – a device is only as good as the network it’s on.
  14. With Verizon what you expect is what you get – regardless of where you are or what you’re doing with your device.
  15. Proven playbook: Verizon’s track record speaks volumes.  We do what we say we’re going to do and our network claims are backed by facts.
  16. Reliable connections are maintained in times of high-use through hardened switches, generators, battery backup at every cell site, a fleet of mobile cell sites – and a network team that’s come through with clutch performances many times before.

Chuck Hamby is a director on the Verizon Wireless Corporate Communications team, overseeing national communications efforts around network, customer service, retail and information technology. He writes about Verizon's initiatives in these areas, including network technology, the elements of a great customer experience, and the continuing evolution of retail.