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Boost your chances with these pro tips.

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Offering a fresh start, New Year’s often serves as the inspiration to make some changes. Whether this means making time to exercise or saving more money, some 68 percent of people will ring in 2019 with at least one resolution in mind. Many set the bar even higher, accounting for the reported 55 percent of people interested in switching jobs (or 74 percent in North America). If you’re looking to make a move, there are several ways to go about the search. Here are three to consider:


  • Get guidance - Ever been told to “work your network?” Well, if you’re thinking about finding a new job, this is a great place to start. Connect with mentors, former coworkers and colleagues, and anyone you think could help in your journey. Grab a coffee with them or schedule time to talk on the phone. Let them know that you’re open to new opportunities and value their input. From useful insights to referrals or recommendations, the results of this effort might surprise you. ​
  • Join a community - Many companies (including Verizon) have talent networks or communities for job seekers interested in a certain field, like retail. Once you sign up, keep an eye on your inbox for information to help in your job search. These communities will keep you up to date and informed about new resources and openings. You can expect to learn more about what it’s like to work there, what roles they’re looking to fill and how you can position yourself when you apply - all just for signing up. ​
  • Be proactive - If you’re set on working for a specific company, there are two important things you can do: attend events, create a Careers profile and set up alerts. This will give you a front row seat to the organization and ensures that you’re one of the first to know when a new job opens. Having intel and access to additional information can help you better prepare your application and improves your chances to get your materials in front of a recruiter faster. Taking charge can make all difference. ​


If you’re ready to start the search, take time to prepare. Feeling confident will guide you on your way and lead you to that perfect opportunity.

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