3 ways the Garmin vivosmart HR can help you reach your goals

By: Albert Aydin
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Spring time fitness is easier using April’s accessory of the month
Spring time fitness is easier using April’s accessory of the month

Fitness goals and tracking progress have changed over the years. A few years ago, you had to manually log the data and figure out how to calculate calories burned and your heart rate.

Today, fitness trackers like the Garmin vivosmart HR have become so advanced and packed with with cool features, it is easier than ever to track all of this data and more to help you reach your fitness goals.

Smarter Fitness Technology

Fitness tracking is more than just steps taken and logging activity times. The vivosmart HR includes smarter technology to measure floors climbed and also activity intensity for accurate tracking of calories burned.

The vivosmart HR also learns your activity levels to auto adjust a daily step goal. As you reach those goals it will adjust again, gradually pushing you towards new goals and healthier lifestyle. And if you’ve been inactive for too long, a subtle vibration alerts you and nudges you to get some movement.


In today’s social world connection with a fitness community has become an important feature for various apps. With the vivosmart HR you can wirelessly sync to Garmin Connect to become part of an online community where you can join in challenges and even share your progress with others. Create a training group, get feedback, and encouragement from fellow fitness friends.

The vivosmart HR also gives you a great way to store, analyze, and share all your fitness activities. As activities get saved, you can view ready-made reports to see data like your average lap pace over time and monthly mileage. Training plans are also available based on fitness levels and target dates.

Always-On and Smartphone Control

The always-on display on the vivosmart HR adds convenience to view your stats at any time, without needing to open an app or take out a smartphone. It becomes easy to be conscious and aware of your daily activities.

Distractions happen while exercising, but at the same time it can be tricky to workout without your smartphone. Especially if a workout routine is saved on it along with your playlist.

The vivosmart HR can receive texts, calls, and other alerts so you can quickly glance at your wrist to know what’s going on in life. And it can also control your music. All without needing to take out the smartphone while running, unlocking it (without dropping it), and check notifications.

The Garmin vivosmart HR is currently $139.99 (normally $149.99) for the month of April as part of Verizon’s accessory of the month promotion. To order, visit our accessories page

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