5 Clash of Clans Tips to Improve Your Experience....Or Get You Totally Hooked!

I can never seem to get away from technology. During the Super Bowl after seeing a commercial for Clash of Clans, I had to go download it. Later that day, my two boys also downloaded it to their devices, and we were all hooked. It’s an addicting game - even worse than Candy Crush!

I wanted to give all of you fellow addicted Clashers some tips to improve your experience with the game. If you are just getting started, here are five quick tips that will get you more treasure and improve your Clash of Clans experience:

  1. The game is free, so go ahead and spend a couple bucks on another builder. Trust me on this one! It will improve your game experience from the start. The more builders you have, the faster you can build your village.
  1. Know the difference between raiding and attacking. As you build your village, you will need resources to upgrade your defenses and storage units. The only way to get this is to raid other villages, not attack them. When attacking a village, you are going for complete destruction. When raiding a village, you are doing a quick smash and grab. When raiding you do not gain trophies, so your targets stay weak, allowing you to easily gain resources without climbing the trophy ladder and increasing the difficulty of your opponents. When raiding, send in 2-3 wall breakers to open a path, 2-4 giants to distract the defenses and then unleash the flood of goblins and watch them go to work. Within a minute you will have all their available resources. You can then end the battle, rinse and repeat. This is a super easy way to gain maximum resources to build your village.
  1. Build your clan castle as quickly as possible. Quickly joining a clan will help improve your Clash of Clans experience in two ways. First, if you get a good clan, your clan mates will help you along your way, giving you advice on how to best improve your village. Second, you can have troops donated to you from clan mates that assist you with raiding, attacking and defense.
  1. Do not upgrade your town hall until you have maxed out all your defenses and buildings. Some players get impatient and cannot wait to get their town hall to the next level to get all those extra goodies. If you upgrade it too early, your potential pool of big money targets shrink rapidly. I made the mistake of upgrading from level 6 to level 7 early, and it made the game brutal for about a month. Don’t do it! Wait until everything (including walls, army camps, storages and collectors) are all at the highest level before upgrading your town hall.
  1. Use your walls wisely. Too many times I see one giant square with everything inside, which is very weak. One or two wall breakers and that base is completely vulnerable. Wrap three or four important items inside one wall and weave in the rest for maximum protection.

Hopefully these tips will improve your Clash of Clans experience. I’m confident if you give it a try you will be hooked immediately. The game is free, so give it a shot!

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