5 common questions asked at a Verizon Wireless Workshop

By: Markita Briggs

One of the most fun experiences for present-day cell phone users is getting a new one. When Verizon Wireless customers come into our store, they not only get an exciting experience, but an educational one, as well. Every year, manufacturers release new devices with the latest and greatest features and specs, making us all want to know more about our new gadgets.

Although, even the most tech-savvy customers don’t always know how to use all of the new bells and whistles their devices have. To assist customers with getting their arms around everything their new device can do for them, experience specialists on the Verizon team facilitate Wireless Workshops. During these sessions, customers not only get their own device questions answered, but they also benefit from the answers to questions other customers may have.

Our team believes that no question is too small, or too big, when it comes to your device. Here are five common questions I've come across during our Verizon wireless workshop sessions:

1. "Where is the power button on my phone?"

As simple as this question may seem, it’s also a consistent one we hear in our stores. Since every device is set up differently, it's important for customers to know where their power button is, in addition to how it works in conjunction with other buttons for troubleshooting purposes.

2. “How do I use my camera?”

The camera feature often times is a deciding factor when selecting a device. Whether a person likes to record special events, take pictures of their children or post "selfies" - showing customers how to properly capture and edit life moments is a common workshop lesson.

3. “What are those icons on my home screen?”

Often times, customers stop in because icons continue to pop up on their phone’s main display. The proper term for these icons is widgets. Widgets are small-scale phone apps present on most operating systems. These buttons allow shortcuts to the apps that either the customer or manufacturer installed on the device.

4. “Why does my screen light go away so fast?”

The screen light timeout is controlled usually under the Display tab in Settings on a device. This function is necessary for prolonging battery life, but also for security purposes. To protect personal information, customers create pin or passcodes to lock their device after a certain time of inactivity. This time can range from 10 seconds all the way up to 10 minutes. It’s based on a customer’s preference.

5. “How can I connect to other devices?”

Wireless technology now allows us to sync devices together without having to plug anything in. Through Bluetooth, NFC (near field communication) or SmartBeam, customers can now send or connect media in a matter of seconds. Our goal is to show customers how to use these convenient tools so they can utilize them themselves. The wireless workshops our Verizon team offer are the best way for customers to start expanding their device knowledge.

If you, or anyone you know, have questions about your equipment, contact your local Verizon Wireless store today! We’re ready and more than willing to help you amplify your device experience.