5 reasons to attend this massive 2-month-long music festival PS Its Free

Iggy Azalea, Luke Bryan, Katy Perry, Avicii, Macklemore, Nough’ said! And that’s only a small fraction of the artists that will be rocking out throughout the entire month of July & August. The best part?  It’s free & you can tune in whenever and wherever you want.

Verizon FiOS teamed up with AXS-TVConcert TV, and Music Choice to bring you the Free FiOS On Demand Music Festival right to the comfort and convenience of your home. No breaking the piggy banks open, flying out to the west coast to catch some on tour or sitting in hours of parkway traffic to get down the outdoor venue.

Over the course of July and August thousands hours of music will be available free and on demand which includes songs offered by Music Choice featuring headliners, R&B and hip-hop, dance, country and Latina. Be sure not to miss out but if you do, it’ll be a click away!