79% of smartphone users find mobile advertising annoying

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A YouGov survey has found that 79% of smartphone users find advertising on their mobile phones irritating, and 88% ignore adverts on applications.

Only 5% of those surveyed said that they thought that advertising on mobile phones was a good idea.

Responses from smartphone users to apps were also low: 6% click on an advert from a text, 6% from an email, 4% from the mobile internet, 3% from an app, and 2% from an instant message.

However just over a quarter of respondents said they would welcome more advertising if it offered money off deals or special offers and 21% said they don’t mind ads relevant to them.

Basic banners are the most recognised format of advert with 87% seeing them while browsing the mobile internet, and 80% while using apps. When browsing, 63% noticing recommended links to search , 51% noticing rollover banners and 47% seeing special offers.

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