A Wireless Renaissance Faire Experience – Irony Included!

If you’ve ever wanted to party like it’s 1599, the Bristol Renaissance Faire in Kenosha, WI provides enough ye olde fanfare to make any nobleman feel like royalty. For nine weekends during the summer, tourists can take a romp through Elizabethan England, visiting 16th Century games, arts, crafts, entertainment and food. While wireless gadgets were (obviously) not seen in Queen Elizabeth’s court hundreds of years ago, Faire visitors luckily now have the ability to enhance their experience with the help of a smartphone – without any odd looks and a trip to the stocks!

The Faire itself has its own app, allowing visitors to locate favorite merchants and shows with the help of an interactive map. A handy language guide also teaches young lads and lasses the best renaissance phrases – and even how to ask for a turkey leg in Elizabethan style! “May I purchaseth a haunch of turkey?” For many Faire-goers, dressing up in the traditional Renaissance garb is one of the most enjoyable aspects. But one doesn’t need to worry about their smartphone sticking out like a sore thumb. These days, cases come in almost any color and style, with the ability to blend into any costume.

Worried about the rain or muddy conditions? No problem! The right Otterbox can protect your phone from the elements that are all too common at an outdoor event like this. Plus, if you want to participate in the popular Mud Show, the only thing you’ll have to worry about is out-diving the man next to you – not the performance of your phone.

Whether it be your friend meeting a fairy, the joust tournament or the fire whip show, snapping photos of all the action at the Faire will be a priority on any list. To make sure your smartphone has the power to capture all the action throughout the day, charge it up on the drive to the Faire with the Energizer Cup Inverter. It easily fits in your cup holder, and can charge your device – and up to four others – all at once.

Once you’re ready to head back to 2015, use the MyCar Locator app to help you remember where you left your modern mode of transportation. It’ll be way more effective than asking one of the Faire characters, who will probably give you a blank stare and a horse instead – unless that’s your kind of thing.