Affordable monthly device payments now available for businesses

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Kelly Crummey

Businesses can now outfit their employees with the best technology without huge upfront costs with Verizon’s device payment for business. Small business owners now have access to the same simple monthly installment plans available to consumers today, with no long term contracts, lower monthly access fees and less money up front. 

By spreading interest-free device payments across 24 months, businesses are not hit with significant equipment costs upfront and know what charges to expect each month. These changes give small business owners reliable and consistent monthly wireless equipment charges.

Two flexible options

We are also simplifying plans for small businesses to two options: The Verizon Plan for Business (for accounts with up to 25 lines) and the Flexible Business Plan (for 26 or more lines).  In addition to shareable data, each plan gives business owners unlimited talk and text, unlimited international messaging from the U.S., and access to corporate email using Good for Enterprise, Exchange ActiveSync or Lotus Notes Traveler.

Here’s a comparison of the initial outlay and monthly line access cost for equipment purchased on a 2-year contract and device payment, respectively, for a company seeking to activate 20 new Droid Turbo 2 devices on The Verizon Plan for Business:

Learn more about The Verizon Plan for Business and the Flexible Business Plan.

Trevor Thomas is Verizon’s national corporate communications manager for wireless pricing, plans and promotions, where he writes about his own personal experiences with wireless technology.