AI, cyber security, 5G and tech - Verizon will bring it together at Mobile World Congress Barcelona

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Verizon to showcase the power of connectivity as a global leader of communications technology for consumers, businesses and the public sector at #MWC Barcelona, February 26-29

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NEW YORK - The spread of 5G networks around the world is bringing new technologies and services to consumers and businesses that have vast potential to bring people closer together, help them collaborate, build prosperity and move society forward. Connectivity is what artificial intelligence, virtual reality, robotics, the Internet of Things, smart manufacturing and streaming entertainment all have in common.

At Mobile World Congress Barcelona, Verizon’s leaders will share how the power of connectivity is the foundation of how we all live and work. It’s no coincidence that the rise of 5G networks pulled decades of AI work out of research labs and into all of our lives. The reach, breadth and capacity of 5G networks are the lifeblood of innovation and GSMA forecasts they will account for more than 90% of mobile subscriptions by 2030.

“Mobility, broadband and cloud have never played a more vital role in people’s lives and serve as the connective tissue among the world’s most compelling emerging technologies," said Joe Russo, EVP & President of Verizon Global Networks and Technology. “Mobile World Congress is an ideal opportunity to advance the 5G ecosystem together, align on visions and paths forward, and share experiences which strengthen the industry overall.”

At Mobile World Congress Barcelona, Verizon executives will discuss growing connectivity through fixed wireless access, how to use AI responsibly, the latest ways of training workers to benefit from new opportunities, the future of sports and entertainment, network security, smart manufacturing, organizing global supply chains, and much more: (all times CET)

In addition to these stage moments, Verizon - as a member of 5G Future Forum (5GFF) - will be present at 4 Years From Now in Hall 8 (8.1B63.2). 5GFF is working with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to release a whitepaper, “Bi-Directional APIs: Advancing MEC.” The paper explores a potential pathway for cooperation between Telecommunication Service Providers (TSPs) and Cloud Service Providers (CSPs), aiming to propel the industry forward through the use of Bi-Directional APIs to facilitate information sharing between cloud computing services and the network.

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