Azuga Revolutionizes the Future of Fleet Management With M2M Technology

Azuga Fleet®, a GPS fleet tracking and driver behavior solution, is proving that getting goods from point A to point B isn’t the only part of the logistics and transportation equation.

With the help of machine-to-machine (M2M) technology and the nation’s largest and most reliable 4G LTE network, they’ve introduced an innovative cloud-based solution that will help logistics specialists get more mileage out of their fleets.

"We chose Verizon Wireless to make Azuga Fleet’s technology even more accessible, simple and reliable for fleet managers to utilize,” said vice president and general manager of Azuga Fleet, Ananth Rani.

With the ability to monitor vehicle performance, measure driver productivity, maximize routes and ensure assets are safely transported to their destination, managers are given an accurate and reliable view of what’s happening on the road. The accessibility of this real-time data enables fleet managers to make informed decisions that decrease costs, optimize fleet performance and boost the business’ bottom line.

Whether they’re supporting commercial van lines or a local lawn care company, Azuga Fleet’s management tools are helping businesses overcome operational challenges, streamline the delivery processes and enhance the customer experience through faster service and more on-time deliveries!

"This new service is a simple and quick solution for any fleet manager to rapidly deploy,” said Verizon Wireless regional president Lauren Love-Wright. "By working together and combining our superior and most reliable network with Azuga Fleet’s unique driver behavior and rewards solutions, we will further increase fleet efficiencies and promote safer driving behaviors.”

As the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to change the way enterprises engage with, implement and control technology, Verizon’s cutting-edge M2M solutions and technologies will prove a valuable asset for companies looking for powerful answers and impactful business solutions to operational challenges.

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