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Because you give, our team got help.

By: Lillian Doremus

Sincere thanks from our V Teamers, to you.

Because you give, our team got help.

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Giving Tuesday is the appropriate day to express gratitude to the thousands of employees who have donated to VtoV since it was introduced in 2013. This year was particularly challenging due to two major hurricanes and the California wildfires. Your generosity helped over 1,100 employees with nearly $1.4 million in assistance so far in 2018.


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Meet some of the V Teamers who you’ve helped this year.
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Patricia Goddard, Customer Specialist from Wilmington NC

What a birthday present, a hurricane. I'm a single mom with three children. What a terrifying experience. We were the lucky ones. If you are thinking of making a donation to VtoV please do. I cannot thank you enough. You made what was a horrible birthday turn into a gift beyond words

Juliann Mullen, Customer Specialist from Wilmington NC

I had to evacuate and was displaced for almost two weeks. I am a single mother and to know that Verizon and the donations of fellow employees had my back during this time is an incredible relief. I’m humbled by the help and it helped me and my daughter get back on our feet.

Michael Stephens, Tech Expert from Wilmington NC

There are no words to truly express how grateful we are for VtoV! My Verizon family really helped in my time of need during the 12 days of riding out the evacuation. Thanks again!

Celissa Stiles, HR Coordinator from Wilmington NC

We were without power for over a week. We wound up losing all our food. We spent so much money that we didn’t have. Without VtoV I am not sure how much money I would have had until payday. Please give to VtoV. I am so grateful to the fund and more than ever -- Proud to be VZ!

Neiko Dewayne Hannah, Customer Service Supervisor from Charlotte NC

My wife was in her final  weeks of pregnancy with our second child and her doctors instructed us to evacuate. We did not know how we would afford to evacuate knowing of the life changes about to take place. VtoV has been an extreme help getting things back on track and assisting us through this tough time. Thank you VtoV.

Gina Mann, Business Operations in Wilmington, NC

My family is eternally grateful to VtoV for helping us recoup money we lost due to our unplanned and sudden evacuation. It would have been a tough couple of months without Verizon stepping in. Donations from our Verizon family really do help and I appreciate all of the love.

Azalea Fryar, Customer Specialist from Wilmington NC

VtoV was awesome. I had to leave with my two daughters and my parents. My mother doesn’t work and my father is retired so, financially things are tight. Having the opportunity to apply and get approved for the VtoV program was truly a Blessing.

Scott and Karen Julian, from N Charleston, SC

Since moving to Charleston in 2014 we've been through two hurricanes and one tropical storm. VtoV has been there for us each time and although our losses weren't as great as they could have been, replacing what we spent on gas, lodging or food when we evacuated has really helped my wife and I. We contribute $5 per pay period which isn't much, but that small amount goes a long way toward helping fellow V teamers.

Sherri Draughon, Tech Expert from Wilmington, NC

My co-workers proved to be the best support for me and countless others in the Carolinas who were displaced and effected by the storm. THANK YOU to all gave - and if you haven't given, please do.  

Derek Northern, Retail GM from Wilmington, NC

I'm grateful for VtoV because in a time where everything was uncertain, the one thing that no one wants to deal with is the reality of money. VtoV was there to help with unexpected costs and allowed me to focus on getting back to some sort of normal. I never thought that I would be in a situation where I would need help. I have already signed up to donate with every paycheck and hope you do as well.

Laura Garcia Berges, Customer Service Advocate from Wilmington, NC

Saying thank you is not enough. I’m beyond humbled and grateful for the help my family and I received. You all know about today, but not about what will happen tomorrow. Today it was me who needed the help, but tomorrow it might be you, and believe me I will be there to help.

Roderica Munn, Customer Service Advocate from Wilmington, NC

My family and I are beyond grateful for VtoV. It would be great for V Teamers to consider making a donation. We now have peace of mind that we have an awesome support team when in desperate need.


Many easy ways to donate.

  • Credit card donation.
  • Pay by check to: VtoV/Foundation For The Carolinas, 220 N Tryon St, Charlotte, NC 28202-2137
  • Donate unused balances on gift cards (bank cards like Visa and Mastercard cannot be donated)

Let’s take today to reflect on ways we can give back together.


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Lillian Doremus is a member of the Verizon Corporate Communications team. She highlights workplace culture and employee achievements.