Broncos, VZ network take victory lap

By: Meagan Dorsch

The Broncos victory parade in Denver Tuesday was a memorable experience for each of the estimated 1 million people who packed themselves along the route. For the Verizon customers among them, it was also an opportunity to share the Super Bowl champion’s victory lap with others around the country.

And share they did – to the tune of 3.1 terabytes of data consumed from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

That reliable ability to connect customers when and where they want to connect has been engineered into the Verizon Wireless network. And yet it still takes supreme effort and dedication to provide a great experience on such short notice, at such an important time. While the network teams in San Francisco prepared for two years, the Denver-based crews had very little time to get ready for the team’s triumphant return.

“It was a special day,” said Brian Mecum, vice president of Verizon’s field network team. “I mean, to kick off the parade, Denver mayor Michael Hancock and Colorado governor John Hickenlooper issued the first-ever city and state joint proclamation marking February 9, 2016 as Pat Bowen Day. This was an important day for the community, and we’re proud that we could be there, connecting people.”

Verizon Wireless teams worked quickly to beef up capacity in some of the 29 sites providing coverage along the entire parade route. Verizon’s 700 mhz XLTE spectrum powered 19 LTE sites and our COLTs (cells on light trucks), while 10 sites provided 3G coverage. Clearly, the preparation paid off.

“Our guys started deploying equipment in Denver even before Super Bowl 50 was over, and we’ve had network teams working just about around the clock,” said Mecum. “It’s important to us that Verizon customers know they can depend on us.”

Meagan Dorsch is Verizon Wireless’ public relations manager for the Mountain Region, which includes Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Utah and Wyoming. Meagan writes about 4G LTE’s impact throughout the area, the latest smartphones and Verizon Wireless community efforts.