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09.22.2014Business Tech

Build Competitive Edge With These 'Big 5' Technologies

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A Recent Harvard Study--Sponsored by Verizon--Demonstrates that Early Adoption of the ‘Big Five’ Technologies Leads to Better Business Outcomes.

According to a Harvard Business Review study sponsored by Verizon, the businesses that are first to adopt new technologies are also the ones experiencing the most growth. The study also suggests that the longer this adoption takes, the more opportunities are lost, leading to slower growth.

The study, “The Digital Dividend-First Mover Advantage," surveyed 672 business and technology leaders worldwide on the importance of the “Big Five” technologies – mobile, social, cloud computing, advanced analytics and machine-to-machine communication –  to understand their impact in helping organizations innovate and derive shareholder value.

View some key insights from the study.

Build Competitive Edge With These ‘Big 5’ Technologies