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Meet our 5.0 adfellows class and learn how Verizon is shaping future careers in marketing. 

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How can we bring agencies and brands together to create a one-of-a-kind fellowship experience to remove economic barriers, develop top talent, and provide real-world opportunities?

Enter adfellows, a consortium made up of 23 partners with the goal of creating greater diversity and gender inclusion in advertising and marketing. Verizon is a proud partner of the program, with a vision to reignite the marketing industry, fueled with highly-skilled, diverse talent that will lead us into the future marketing era.

We’re excited to welcome our adfellows 5.0 class as they embark on their career journeys and pursue their ambitions in this one-of-a-kind fellowship program. As part of their eight months with us, our 27 incoming fellows will gain real-world, hands-on experience in marketing and advertising in this U.S.-based program. 

The program includes three tracks: General, Creative, and Analytics. Once the fellows choose their track, they are matched with a personalized support team made up of mentors, managers, and alumni buddies to help ensure their success. 

Making its mark.

Within the marketing and advertising industry, diverse talent is significantly underrepresented with only 14% of people of color in marketing roles, according to the Association of National Advertisers & Alliance for Inclusive and Multicultural Marketing. 

With adfellows, Verizon has created a blueprint for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) to give participants exposure to brands and agencies through rotational experiences. In past classes, we’ve seen as much as 98% of adfellows hires get full-time marketing and advertising roles with an impressive 95% retention rate.   

Roles span across various disciplines within marketing and advertising, including Account Management, Creative, Production, Strategy, Analytics, Media, PR, and Consulting. adfellows have four rotations across the 23 brands and ad agencies.

Once an adfellow, always an adfellow. 

Alumni of the program play a pivotal role in the program to help new fellows navigate through this unique career experience. Our 4.0 adfellows were the first class to go through a fully virtual program. From training and mentoring to learning from leaders in the industry, hear from our 4.0 class who share their insights and experiences after graduating from the program.

There’s a tendency for companies to do their own thing, but when we can coordinate efforts behind a consistent objective, we make a greater impact.

Diego Scotti, Chief Marketing Officer

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