CES Gear and Gadgets: What’s in My Bag for CES 2012 (Josh)

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Josh Smith from GottaBeMobile shares what tech he is bringing to CES 2012, including some Verizon gadgets.

As I head to CES 2012, I want to share the gear and gadgets that I am taking on the trip. CES is a major event that pushes gear and connectivity to the limits.

While I won’t carry all of this gear to the show floor every day, I have stuffed it all into a Tom Bihn Brain Bag that rests by my feet at around 38,000 feet as I make my way to Vegas.

The two biggest issues at CES are battery power and connectivity, which is why you see so many batteries and so many Verizon 4G LTE devices in my gear bag. I also have an array of photo and video gear to get content up to GottaBeMobile and Notebooks.com quickly.

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