07.02.2014Business Tech

HBR Analytic Services Survey Respondents: ''Cloud Provides a Competitive Advantage''

New research from Harvard Business Review Analytic Services shows the connection between the use of cloud computing and increased business agility and competitive advantage. The research, which was sponsored by Verizon Enterprise Solutions, surveyed 527 Harvard Business Review readers from large and mid-size organizations around the world. The goal was to understand what businesses and government organizations think about cloud and how that thinking impacts adoption and perceived value of cloud.

There were a number of interesting findings and the below slideshow highlights some of these. Here are just a few data points:

  • 70% have adopted cloud computing
  • 71% expect cloud to reduce complexity in their business
  • 74% say cloud has provided competitive advantage
  • 71% think cloud will reduce business complexity

The full report, "Business Agility in the Cloud," is available for download on the Verizon Cloud website.