08.14.2015Enterprise Tech

Enterprise Tech Spotlight: VoIP-to-wireless calling, new cloud development portal, payment security

Enterprise tech news this week was heavy on product and feature launches, including the latest cost-saving VoIP capabilities for wireless-to-mobile calling, a new portal for easier cloud development and a rapid response retainer program for solution providers looking to sell cybersecurity products through the Channel. We also look at the relationship between credit card acceptance and data vulnerabilities, the future of cloud and how to succeed as a woman in the technology industry.

Verizon Bundles VOIP and Wireless for Enterprise Customers

Verizon Enterprise Solutions combined its enterprise VOIP with the company's wireless service to offer Wireless Connected VOIP which is targeted at enterprises. Customers will benefit from cheaper long distance charges as the combo-plan eliminates long distance fees on calls that originate from a Verizon Enterprise VOIP customer. (FierceTelecom)

Broader Acceptance of Alternative Payments Leaving Businesses Vulnerable

While [debit or credit cards] may be a boon for small business owners' bottom line, at the same time, it's putting them at risk for a cyberattack, as a majority of company managers aren't complementing their credit and debit card acceptance with the appropriate protections, according to a recent survey. (Selective)

DreamFactory and Verizon Join Forces for Enterprise Cloud Development Portal

Built with DreamFactory’s open-source REST API MBaaS and hosted on Verizon’s cloud, the DreamFactory-Verizon Partner Solutions Portal gives developers a cloud-first development environment for desktop, mobile and IoT app creation. (SD Times)

Will Cloud Computing Lead To Too Much Homogenization?

As cloud becomes the “it” thing and companies use the same big providers, is there some element of uniqueness and competitive differentiation that gets lost? Will companies become a bunch of homogenous clones as they all adopt the same plain-vanilla offerings of cloud providers? Forbes’ Joe McKendrick ponders these questions and more. (Forbes)

Verizon Rolls out Rapid Response Retainer Program to the Channel

Verizon is rolling out its cybersecurity portfolio into the channel. The carrier's Rapid Response Retainer program will now be available for its VAR and master agent partners to sell to their end customers. (CRN)

Is it Time to Push the Reset Button on Your Career?

As vice president and chief marketing technologist for Verizon Enterprise Solutions, Schijns and her team are responsible for understanding vertical and segment technology issues across varying geographies and identifying key enterprise solutions that meet their unique business needs. WiC interviewed Schijns to get a preview of her remarks on the topic, “CTRL+ALT+Compete: Take control of your career. Alternate your approach. Compete to win.” (Women In The Channel)

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