Connected Confessional: Armstrong Interview A Hit On Connected Devices

Arguably the biggest sports story of 2013 aired Thursday night (sorry, Manti Te’o), as Oprah Winfrey sat down with Lance Armstrong to discuss his use of performance-enhancing substances during what was once an illustrious cycling career. Part one of the interview on OWN (part two will air tonight and also streamed live here) easily broke viewership records for the network and generated a ton of social media buzz. While we awaited the “big numbers” ourselves, we were curious how some of our FiOS customers – especially those who live the borderless lifestyle and always have an Internet-connected device handy – caught this must-see-TV event.

From the iPad and  Xbox360 to select Smart TV’s and Blu-ray players from our partners at Samsung and LG, it’s clear that FiOS customers are more than taking advantage of the 75 channels FiOS delivers over all those platforms – including watching this scintillating interview. Last night, we checked out OWN viewership data on FiOS connected devices during the Oprah-Armstrong interview versus the previous night and saw some big increases across the FiOS footprint: 

  • An over 3,000% increase in total viewing time
  • An approximately 500% increase in unique viewers
  • An over 600% increase in average viewing time (minutes) per viewer

We’ve taken note of how our customers want their entertainment delivered to them at home – be it a sporting event, hit movie, scandalous news story, or all three at the same time. Tweet us at @Verizon about how you watched last night’s interview, or how connected devices in your home are enhancing your and your family’s borderless lifestyle.