Customers Share Feedback on New HomeFusion Broadband Service

Back in March, we shared the news that our new HomeFusion Broadband service had launched in Terre Haute, IN and three other cities across the country. Starting May 3, customers in Evansville, IN and Louisville, KY will also have access to HomeFusion.

What's HomeFusion you ask? Our high-speed 4G LTE network is delivered to a cylinder-shaped antenna, which transmits the signal to an in-home broadband router. The antenna is professionally installed outside a customer’s residence and is equal in size to a five-gallon paint bucket. The device delivers Verizon’s 4G LTE signal to the broadband router and allows the customer to connect up to four wired and at least 20 wireless devices in the household. HomeFusion Broadband customers on Verizon’s 4G LTE network should experience average data rates of five to 12 megabits per second (Mbps) on the downlink and two to five Mbps on the uplink.

We checked in with David Scott, manager at the Verizon Wireless store in Terre Haute, to see what customers there think about HomeFusion. According to David:

"Customers in the Terre Haute area absolutely love HomeFusion. These customers didn't have the luxury of having fast, reliable Internet service in their homes before. Now, they do. We appreciate all the feedback we've received from customers so far. Every day, we're having conversations in the store with our customers to make sure they know the HomeFusion option exists so they don't have to deal with slow and spotty Internet at home."

Customers can choose several usage-based plans specifically designed for HomeFusion Broadband:

- $59.99 monthly access for 10 GB of data;
- $89.99 monthly access for 20 GB of data;
- $119.99 monthly access for 30 GB of data.

Customers will get 50 percent more data allowance for the first two months of service with HomeFusion Broadband.

A one-time equipment fee of $199.99 applies and installation is free. We are working with Asurion, a trusted leader in consumer technology protection services, for installations scheduled by retail store employees.

If you've been using HomeFusion or have questions, send me a tweet - @VZWmichelle.

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