da da da dat da dah...CHARGE!

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Darcie Gust from the Gust Gab blog shares her thoughts on the Samsung Droid Charge, it’s camera and how it differs from her Droid X.

So after I stopped hyper ventilating long enough about having a non-working camera phone, I met up with my friend Albert who introduced me to the new Droid Charge available by Verizon -

He gave me a quick run down of the phone…explaining things that are important to a lot of people, like the fact that it’s a 4G phone (that’s approximately 10x faster than the 3G phones for those of you who are like me and saying…WHA?)…the Droid Charge also contains a mobile hot spot for up to TEN devices, and, the most important function to me…front and rear cameras!

I wonder, am I the only one that uses my phone for 99% *stuff* and 1% actual phone calling?

Man, I hate talking on the phone…

Give me an email, a text, a picture, a facebook status or tweet any day…

Those I can check at my convenience…but the ringing telephone at dinner time, or when I’ve JUST gotten the kids to bed…or when I’m about to watch a show with the hubs…man, I hate the telephone.

Obviously, the first thing I did was check out the camera on the Droid Charge -


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