Dallas small business chocolatier hosts Valentine’s Day chocolate tasting class

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Claudia Russo

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  • More than 19 million Americans plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day in their pajamas this year and nearly 40 million will look to get assistance from technology, according to a recent survey commissioned by Verizon, in partnership with Kelton Global.

  • 40 percent of Americans plan on ordering flowers or chocolate from a small business

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WHO: Dallas Chocolatier CocoAndré

WHAT: A Virtual Valentine’s Day date night, featuring an hour-long chocolate-tasting class, where attendees will also learn about the roots of chocolate from bean to bar, and get an up-close look at truffle making. Conducted via BlueJeans by Verizon, the class will be interactive, so attendees can ask questions and share their tasting thoughts. Participants can purchase chocolate tasting kits from CocoAndre ahead of time for $60 to enhance the experience. Note: kits are not required to enjoy the class.

WHERE: BlueJeans

WHEN: February 11th, 7:00 p.m. CT

WHY: Verizon Business is sponsoring small businesses across the country by equipping them with connectivity, security and technology to help them digitally transform and come back stronger post-pandemic. Sponsored small businesses, such as CocoAndre, will be leveraging Verizon Business products and services such as BlueJeans, OneTalk and the power of Verizon's 5G network to move their businesses forward.

As small businesses across the country continue to face uncertainty, Verizon is launching initiatives, products and services designed to aid in their survival and support their recovery through the pandemic and beyond.

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