09.04.2015Enterprise Tech

Enterprise Tech Spotlight: DBIR Splunk App, SIP Trunking Scorecard, Hum in Action

Get ready for the long holiday weekend with some required reading. This week, we look at Verizon’s new DBIR app for Splunk, which compresses a metric ton of cybersecurity and breach information into actionable data to help you secure your enterprise organization. Also, check out the latest SIP trunking scorecard from IHS, security strategies for the healthcare industry and a close look at how Verizon Hum compares to the competition. Have a Happy Labor Day.

Verizon's New App Offers Easier Security

Verizon is giving enterprises an easier way to fight known security threats by launching an application built on its annual Data Breach Investigation Report and Splunk's analytics platform. (Light Reading)  

The First Three Things to do in a Data Breach Response

With an average of 40 confirmed breaches occurring every week, organizations need to identify the necessary steps to respond to an attack that can expose sensitive customer information. (Forbes)  

Verizon Scored Top SIP Trunking Provider in North America

The survey, conducted by IHS Infonetics, noted Verizon maintained the No. 1 position for the seventh straight year in its “SIP trunking scorecard” rankings. IHS stated that large operators continue to dominate the market, explaining: “in a service market based on cost, scale is necessary for success.” (RCR Wireless News)  

Data-Centric Security in Healthcare

Healthcare organizations need to take a data-centric approach to their security posture. This includes mapping how the data comes in and flows through their organization, and tailoring the controls to protect information as it is used and communicated. (Advance Healthcare Network)  

5 Ways Verizon Hum Beats OnStar

Automatic crash response is a great safety feature in many new cars, but for those without OnStar or something like it built-in, Verizon has launched an aftermarket, mobile-app-supported telematics service that will send emergency help in the event of an accident. (Maxim)

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