03.31.2015|Business Tech

Deloitte and Verizon Team to Provide Business Risk and Technology Solutions for Cyber Incident Response

With data breaches and other cyber incidents becoming more frequent, costly and destructive, Deloitte and Verizon Enterprise Solutions today announced a strategic alliance to deliver a comprehensive set of security and risk-management solutions to help businesses prepare, respond and recover more efficiently, effectively and thoroughly when a cyberattack occurs. According to officials from Deloitte and Verizon, the strategic alliance represents a significant move to help clients in the U.S. address the many aspects of business resilience relative to cyber occurrences. The Deloitte/Verizon alliance will leverage the strength of Verizon’s global computer forensics, incident response, and investigation services in conjunction with the breadth and depth of Deloitte’s cyber risk advisory services designed to fortify businesses in the areas of governance, strategy, business operations, risk and compliance, and remediation to deliver an end-to-end incident response experience. “As the cybersecurity landscape becomes more formidable, this alliance enables enterprises to better prepare for today’s new reality,” said Mike Denning, vice president, global security for Verizon Enterprise Solutions. “We understand that companies need to have the mindset that being breached is a matter of when, not if. With our combined capabilities, we are preparing enterprises to better withstand a cyberattack before and beyond the breach.” Today’s cyber breaches are about more than data theft and affected companies generally do not recover overnight. The recovery effort can go on for weeks, even months or years, often requiring the re-engineering of business processes and implementation of new technologies for better threat awareness and detection. How damaging a cyberincident becomes depends, in part, on how rapidly the situation can be analyzed; how decisively leaders take action; and how effectively teams interact with customers, media, legal counsel, law enforcement, and industry peers. According to Verizon’s “Data Breach Investigations Report” series, the time to compromise usually takes days or less, while the time to detect a breach is often much longer. This can lead to widespread and potentially harmful data loss, brand reputation damage and lost customer trust, making cybersecurity a key imperative for organizations of all size across all industries. “Together with Verizon, we offer a powerful integrated business and technology solution enabling companies to adequately prepare for and manage the entire life cycle of a cyber incident,” said Ed Powers, national managing principal, Deloitte cyber risk services, Deloitte & Touche LLP.  “Organizations today need to quickly contain the damage, but they also need a solutions provider that can help them regain full business strength and improve their capacity to withstand future crises. We are making it possible for our clients to meet tomorrow’s cyber challenges head-on while continuing to power performance in their businesses.”

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