Don't Just Follow the Leader-Be a Leader

The Verizon Suite of Leadership Development Programs is Designed to Educate, Motivate and Inspire

Jennifer Whitty was working toward her degree in industrial and systems engineering at the University of Southern California when she first heard about Verizon’s Leadership Development Programs. She was intrigued by the chance to be heard and to immediately begin making a difference within her field.

“It’s important for me to have a seat at the table,” Jennifer says. “[In the Verizon Leadership Development Program], I felt valued right away, because I was able to do meaningful work. Your individual voice has so much strength in a smaller group, but you [also] have the backing of Verizon because they believe in their employees.”

Leaders Now and In the Future

To create and drive our powerful technology to the forefront, we need the sharpest minds. Verizon seeks out visionaries who have the desire to lead—to push boundaries and create a smarter, better future that empowers our customers and society.

That’s why we offer our suite of Leadership Development Programs — entry-level career opportunities designed to prepare employees for leadership positions. Our engineering, finance, human resources, information technology, marketing and supply-chain management programs will enhance your field expertise through a series of challenging rotations. You’ll work with teams on high-impact projects, explore the latest technologies and grow your skills.

 “Your individual voice has so much strength within a smaller group, but you [also] have the backing of Verizon because they believe in their employees."

Our Leadership Development Programs give you access to peer and executive mentors, job-shadowing opportunities, skill-building exercises, social networks and constant feedback—all designed to help you maximize your talents and reach your full potential as a leader at Verizon.

Leaders in Their Fields

Philadelphia’s Sudarshan Kandi, an engineer who graduated from Temple University, appreciates the distinct challenges he faces every day. “I never thought I’d be in such a position, discussing complex ideas with industry experts all around the world,” he says. “Breaking down these complex problems into smaller ones, then applying them to make one’s life simpler — it’s very appealing to be part of such a workforce.”

Engineer Jill Zakrzewski loves the diversity she sees both in the workforce and in the opportunities she’s afforded. “We have people from all types of engineering disciplines come here [to offer] a different perspective,” she says. “It’s all about the technology, but it’s equally about the people.”

Leaders in the Community
Verizon is also committed to fostering a strong sense of community. In April 2013, nearly 160 Verizon employees (mostly from the Leadership Development Program) converged on Hugh J. Boyd Jr. Elementary School in Seaside Heights, New Jersey, to help restore the school, which had been severely damaged during Hurricane Sandy. Verizon Leadership Development Program participants painted classrooms, weeded and planted flowers, built new picnic tables and more.

 “It is all about the technology, but it’s equally about the people.”

“Volunteerism is an integral part of Verizon's Leadership Development Programs,” says Michelle Watts, Director of Workplace Performance. “Our employees understand that we work to solve problems — big and small.”

Leaders such as Jennifer, Jill and Sudarshan know they’re not only making a career out of working at Verizon — they’re making a difference. “I’m fitting myself in as a leader who’s driving [technologies] and making solutions for our customers,” Jennifer says. For Sudarshan, his Verizon experience has been a dream come true: “It’s a great feeling when you start something and see it through to the end. It gives you a true sense of ownership.”