Eco-friendly smarts in your car

By: Samantha Soni
Eco-Friendly Smarts in Your Car

Verizon’s hum product is not only offering drivers more safety and car-smarts  when it comes to their vehicles, but it also helps drivers make choices that contribute to environmental sustainability. In a recent product review, Digital Trends advised, “While hum has offered peace of mind to owners, the new features add practical functionality that users will likely appreciate.”

Consisting of an on-board diagnostic reader, speaker, and smartphone app, hum helps users prevent breakdowns, save money, and benefit from fast roadside and emergency assistance using the power of Verizon’s network. It even tracks user miles per gallon (MPG) and provides diagnostic information and maintenance alerts directly to the driver via an app on their smartphone. Drivers can easily track routes and MPG to maximize their benefits, lowering fuel usage, costs, and emissions. It also allows users to schedule corrective maintenance and repair action and set alerts for oil changes, factory service, and tire rotations, maximizing vehicle efficiency, lowering emissions, and extending the overall life of the vehicle.

Unlike other technology, hum provides the user with actionable information, not just notifications. hum’s tracking features include monitoring for alternator, coolant, battery, mechanical, electrical, and wiring systems. It tracks a parked or moving vehicle’s trip average, maximum speed, idle time, and distance traveled. The mileage information allows drivers to identify downward trends and take steps to consider alternate commuting routes and proactively schedule vehicle maintenance.

The product’s easy-to-understand diagnostic updates help the driver catch minor problems before they become major ones so they save money, reduce emissions, and avoid serious breakdowns. hum even comes with a mechanics hotline which gives expert, unbiased advice and cost estimates from certified, independent mechanics allowing for lower preventive maintenance costs instead of higher post-issue costs. Armed with accurate, personalized information, drivers are knowledgeable about needed maintenance and can proactively service their vehicles to lower emissions and extend the life of their car.

Hum provides connected car features without the cost of a new car and is compatible with more than 150 million passenger vehicles on the road today – that’s the potential to make a big impact. Its technology is helping drivers and their cars be safer, smarter, AND more eco-friendly – a winning combination!

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