12.04.2015Enterprise Tech

Enterprise Technology Spotlight: Cloud, security, financial services, retail,

Enterprise technology news this week was heavy on cloud and security. National DCP, the supply chain and fulfilment arm of Dunkin’ Donuts discusses how IT transformation is fuelling their global expansion plans, and we hear how partners and VARs are adapting to a multi-cloud world. On the security front, we read about information security concerns in both the financial services and retail sectors – some of which may not actually pose a serious threat.

Dunkin' Donuts supplier NDCP sprinkles praise on Verizon's Cloud Platform

Darrell Riekena, CIO, NDCP talks about the importance of cloud technology to the global growth of the company, a $2bn supply chain management company serving the franchisees of US chain Dunkin' Donuts. Cloud solutions have allowed the company to stay on top of the latest technology developments and innovation in IT infrastructure. (V3.co.uk)

Partners: use networking prowess as a springboard into cloud services

This article looks at the growing trend of hybrid cloud environments for enterprise business transformation. The importance of the network in sophisticated cloud use cases, and how channel partners can capitalize on network demands, is emphasised. (CRN)

‘Bank vaults no longer provide full security in a digitally connected world’

As this article states, gone are the days of bank robberies by the likes of Bonnie and Clyde. In the digital world, bank robbers are anonymous faces behind computer screens, no longer breaking into bank vaults but hacking into bank systems. This article deep dives into three basic patterns, as seen in recent financial industry cyber-attacks; Denial of Service (DoS), crimeware and web app attacks. (Global Banking and Finance Review)

Purported stealthy POS malware threatens retailers, stirs controversy

A report on a sophisticated malware framework, known as ModPOS, which allegedly poses a threat to U.S. retailer’s point-of-sale systems, caused debate within the security community. It’s a malware that is rare and already known to the security community. With the absence of alarms from antivirus software providers, it’s argued that there is not a significant growth threat at this time. An overhyped security threat? Take a look… (eWeek)