01.08.2016Enterprise Tech

Enterprise Technology Spotlight: Reviews and predictions -- IoT, public sector, retail, big data and cloud

As we step into 2016, the media landscape is awash with reviews and reflections of the previous year. It’s also that traditional time in the year where industry experts make their predictions for the year ahead. In this week’s spotlight we walk you through the latest technology reviews of 2015 and predictions for 2016 which focus on IoT, US public sector and retail. We also look at the future role of the CIO in the wake of big data and cloud adoption.

Top 10 Internet of Things stories of 2015

CIO listed their top ten Internet of Things (IoT) stories from 2015. Articles delve into company investments and the transformational impact on industries such as entertainment and healthcare. They also address findings from the IoT industry reports to a focus on the two major CIO concerns; storage and security. (Channel World India)

Government of the Future

With the constant flow of new demands and expectations, governments around the world realize digital technology can transform the way public sector organizations operate and deliver services to their constituents. Core to enabling the “government of the future” are network reliability and an understanding (and ability to address) the ever-changing information security landscape. These are the keys to public sector digital transformation. (FedScoop)

The Changing Face of Retail

The holiday shopping season is over but retailers continue to learn about consumer online and mobile shopping trends in order to apply those learning next year. One key question: has Cyber Monday reached its saturation point? With more consumers embracing online and mobile “shop whenever and where ever” practices, has Cyber Monday become Cyber Month? (Connected World)

With the Calendar Turned to 2016, Will 'CIO' Become a Part of History?

The emergence of cloud computing and big data has profoundly changed the role of the CIO in recent years. Where once the CIO responsibility was to maintain IT infrastructure and operations, it now plays a central role in critical business operations. The CIO is evolving into a provider of business services to all functions of an organisation - Chief Productivity Officer (CPO). (TechZone 360)