10.30.2015Enterprise Tech

Enterprise Tech Spotlight: Retail, Security, UCaaS and Insurance

By: Grainne Colgan

Boo! Welcome to the Halloween edition of Enterprise Tech Spotlight. What did we find thrilling (and maybe scary) this week? Actually, we’re already excited for the Holidays and the preparation retailers are doing now to get us our gifts on time. We are not scared of cyberattacks but we recognize it’s important for organizations to always be prepared -- and practice, makes perfect. Unified communications continue to help business collaborate around the world and while it’s not great for “trick or treating” it does impact productivity. Finally, insurance companies need to embrace digital technologies or risk being buried (in a spooky graveyard) by more nimble competitors. Read more below – if you dare!

Ship early: Fed Ex predicts record package volume during holidays

The National Retail Federation expects e-commerce sales to double overall sales, in November and December, alone. The article looks at the impact on major US retailers, couriers and shipping services. (USAToday)

Don’t wait ’til a cyber attack. Practice your managerial response now

Deloitte hosted a cyberwar game simulation with journalists at the International Spy Museum in Washington DC, this week. Federal News Radio who was in attendance has reviewed the simulation and assesses the lessons learned. (Federal News Radio)

Global expansion of UCCaaS

In today’s fast paced digital world, virtual collaboration with employees, clients and partners around the world, is more important than ever, for business success. This article looks at the benefits of unified communication and collaboration globally, examines the Indian market and Verizon’s presence in the marketplace. (Business Insider)

Digital future will decide insurance ‘winners’

The insurance industry needs to seize digital technology opportunities to be winners and remain on top of their game, warns Helen Wong, director of network product technology & strategy at Verizon APAC. Helen discusses Verizon’s recently issued report ‘The Digital future for Insurance’ and recommends that the insurance industry, along with other industries, need to be proactively targeting and connecting with the millennial generation, who are the future customers. (Insurance Business)