10.16.2015Enterprise Tech

Enterprise Tech Spotlight: security, software-defined networks

Security was a hot topic with the media this week around the world. Indian media reported a 117 percent increase in cybercrime attacks in one year. Additionally, in Australia, businesses are swiftly turning to cyber insurance, with cybercrime reportedly costing the Australian economy $1B a year. Verizon’s Bob Jennings spoke with ZDNet Australia and emphasized that security should be a top business priority for Australian organizations.

Jennings said that security can no longer be viewed as an IT domain, adding it is everybody's responsibility, regardless of how big or small your company is. It wasn’t just security making the headlines. There were also discussions on the changing face of SDN and the break from traditional network service models. These are the topics and the articles we think are worth reviewing this week.

Verizon Gets Proactive on App Performance

Shawn Hakl, VP of enterprise networking and managed solutions for Verizon talks about the transformation of virtualization and how it is changing the traditional service models. It’s no longer solely about the technology but about helping CIOs deliver applications to their users. (Light Reading)

Stop "Overselling" SDN

A debate on the overselling of SDN and new IP technologies ensued at the recent SDN Openflow World Congress, Germany this week. Some financial executives believe they were told SDN and NFV can generate much bigger cost savings than are realistic. (Light Reading)

The Virtual Reality of Cybersecurity

As enterprises embrace virtualization and move more, and more complex, workloads to cloud infrastructure, security continues to be major concern. But given the work done by cloud providers to address security concerns, should it still be? (The New IP)

Fighting Cyber-Attacks Through Security Intelligence

A panel of security experts explore the meaning of security intelligence, the challenges it brings and how security teams in organizations can apply it, in this webinar. (Info Security Magazine)