08.19.2016Enterprise Tech

Enterprise Technology Spotlight: Cyber attacks, ransomware and smart farming

By: Grainne Colgan
Internet Security

Cyber security remained in the headlines this week. The Australian Bureau of Statistics, the World Anti-Doping Agency and software company Sage are just the latest to suffer security incidents. With this in mind, our first story focuses on the findings of a new report issued by the European Union Agency for Network and Information Security (ENISA). This report comes hot off the heels of a new European directive announced last month, in which each member state will have to adopt a national strategy on the security of network and information systems.

We stay on the security theme in our second article. Discussions have increased around ransomware after recent news reports revealed how researchers have exposed one of the most profitable ransomware-as-a-service (RaaS) platforms in the world, Cerber.

We conclude this week’s technology spotlight with an article on the Internet of Things (IoT). We take a look at an article that has been penned by Verizon’s Rob Le Busque on smart farming.

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EU struggles to determine growing cost of cyberattacks 

This article deep dives into the findings of a recently issued report by the ENISA, titled “The cost of incidents affecting CIIs.” According to the report, the most common cyberattacks facing the EU’s hardest hit industries (the financial sector and ICT) are DDoS attacks and malicious insiders. These attacks are responsible for half the costs associated with cybercrime in the EU annually. (Threat Post)

Cerber 2 ransomware: free decryption tool released

This week a free Cerber ransomware decryption tool launched to help victims restore encrypted ransomware files by Cerber version 2.  This article examines how ransomware-as-a-service (RaaS) platform, Cerber has evolved. (BankInfoSecurity)

Smart farming: the future of agriculture in the connected world

IoT in agriculture is gaining ground; it’s helping improve efficiency and yields whilst also helping to control costs. (Business Standard)