11.06.2015Enterprise Tech

Enterprise Technology Spotlight: Data breaches, cyber liability, creating the DBIR

This week’s spotlight is all about security. Sharp questions are being raised in the UK, after a third high profile cyber-attack takes place, within a week. Other articles that caught our eye delve into cyber liability and what this means for the c-suite, and tools for analyzing data security incidents. British Gas data leak is third major UK security breach in a week After the high profile data breaches in the UK, in recent weeks, there is a call for British companies to re-examine their security practices, for insider and outsider threats. Security is not merely an IT problem, organizations and their employees need to make security part of the cultural mind set. (The Telegraph) Cyber liability from perspective of board members and execs A recent report finds that the level of brand damage caused by data breaches can often be linked back to the c-suite’s level of readiness. With the rise in threats of legal action due to breaches, the board needs to be asking the right questions to ensure their organization is prepared for all eventualities. (Network World) A Love Letter to R Having to document, iterate and analyse 200,000 plus, security incidents for Verizon’s annual DBIR report, can seem to you and I, quite a daunting prospect. Bob Rudis, managing principal and senior data scientist at Verizon talks about the advantages of using a tool called R, and lessons learned, when he spoke at the EARL (Effective Applications of the R Language) Boston conference this week. (Computer World)