02.05.2016Enterprise Tech

Enterprise Technology Spotlight: DDoS, Security and Cloud

Security is always a hot topic in enterprise technology. This week we focus on security looking at the need for DDoS attack response plans, the basics of security and the importance of security in the cloud provider decision-making process. Here’s our weekly spotlight…

DDoS is most common cyber-attack on financial institutions

Security experts stress the importance of having a well-tested DDoS response plan in the wake of a recent DDoS attack on UK bank HSBC. (ComputerWeekly)

Security attack? New defenses in 2016 escape compromise

Verizon’s Jonathan Nguyen-Duy discusses advanced cyber threats and defense strategies, noting that many organizations are still getting the basics wrong. (Tech Target)

Cloud Security: the fundamental factor in cloud computing universe

Verizon’s Prashant Gupta delves into research which shows that a cloud technology provider’s security practices are key to the customer decision-making process. (CIO Review)