06.03.2016Enterprise Tech

Enterprise Technology Spotlight: IoT and the data explosion; ignoring security

By: Grainne Colgan
Building connected to the cloud

This week our enterprise technology spotlight is dominated by two recent events in Singapore — CommunicAsia 2016, Asia’s largest integrated communications and technology event and, NetEvents APAC Press & Analyst Summit, a key communication event bringing together technology leaders, press and analysts.

We also bring you two stories which Illustrate that many business leaders continue to ignore the threat of cybercrime even in the face of high-profile global cyber-attacks continue.

Here’s this week’s Enterprise Technology Spotlight…

Dealing with enterprise storage in the zettabyte era

Cisco’s Visual Networking Index (VNI) – an ongoing survey of data-consumption trends, suggests that annual global IP traffic will pass one zettabyte (1,000 exabytes, or one billion terabytes) and double this by 2019. Data driven enterprises need to prepare for a flood of data on their storage infrastructure. Verizon’s Robert Le Busque points to the Internet of Things (IoT) as a source of this exponential growth during his presentation at CommunicAsia 2016. (Computerworld Australia)

Making the Hookup: pitching for the best way to connect to the cloud

This NetEvents APAC Press & Analyst Summit blog post focuses on the discussions that took place during a recent cloud panel chaired by Nikhil Batra, Research Manager – Telecom, IDC.  Discussions centred on cloud adoption in APAC, how businesses are using cloud solutions for digital transformation and cloud service delivery challenges via Software Defined Networks (SDN). (Cloud Computing News India)

How to prepare for serious cyber attack

Businesses are still failing to be prepared for cyber-attacks despite the growing probability they will become victims. Verizon’s Paul Simpson talks about security threat patterns and how businesses can effectively shape their security strategies to combat these specific threat patterns, which are denial-of-service, web-app attack and crimeware. (Raconteur/The Times UK)

Huge data breach losses aren’t forcing companies to bolster security

Even the cost of having a huge data breach is still not convincing businesses to invest in IT security! Verizon’s Chris Novak states, “it’s no longer just an IT-level issue, it is a board or C-level issue.” Although consumers may be tired of the repeating pattern of data breaches, corporate behaviour is not changing. (eWeek)