01.29.2016Enterprise Tech

Enterprise Technology Spotlight: IoT, mobility, agriculture and insurance

Our stories this week focus on the Internet of Things (IoT) and mobility. These are examples of how connected machines and people drive better business results and improve the overall customer experience in industries as diverse as wine making and machine manufacturing. Happy reading… 

This California vineyard is using drones to make better wine

Hahn Estate Winery discusses how it’s using technology to monitor the health of its vineyard. Verizon’s agricultural technology platform is providing timely information and data on crops, soil moisture and temperatures, helping the winery make the best possible management decisions. (Fortune)

How IoT is driving intelligent, data-driven insurance

Although IoT is disrupting insurance models, it’s driving fundamental positive changes to the industry. IoT is helping to improve customer service and all aspects of business processes, from helping increase new business success rates to improving overall loss adjustment ratios. (Internet of Business)

Double Vision: how a second set of eyes is setting precedent on service calls

With the help of Verizon and Librestream Technologies, Diebold equipped their service teams with video collaboration tools to troubleshoot onsite issues with field technicians across North America. First-time fix rates have improved, and service resolution times and overall costs declined. (Diebold Blog)