01.22.2016Enterprise Tech

Enterprise Technology Spotlight: connected car, IT predictions, protected health data

Stories that caught our eye this week include articles focusing on connected car trends and vehicle technology, technology trend predictions for 2016 and thoughts on protecting personal health data. Connected cars remains a hot topic, as plans unveiled by global automotive manufactures at the Consumer Electronics Show continue to dominate the discussion. 2016 will see more frequent and larger profile data breaches, and speed will be a key market differentiator, according to Verizon Enterprise Solutions 2016 Tech Trends. And speaking of security, managing protected health information is a concern for every industry and one of the greatest threats is actually device loss. Check out the articles below for more…

Why the time for connected vehicles is now!

With the connected car predicted to disrupt the automotive ecosystem and to open many new doors of opportunity and innovation, in the immediate future, this article delves into three reasons why the time to capitalize on connected vehicles is now. (Sourceable)

Bigger, more frequent enterprise data breaches expected in 2016

Will we see an increase in headline grabbing high profile data breaches in 2016? Is 2016 the year in which we will see a shift from the more traditional enterprise security methods to fit more with user need? Will enterprises adopt a more ‘common sense’ approach to security? These technology predictions, and many more, are examined in this news article. (Enterprise Apps Tech)

Medical records theft is a plague on health care, other industries

Statistics from Verizon’s recent Protected Healthcare Information Data Breach Report show that healthcare information is continuously being put at risk. Findings revealed a surprisingly high volume of losses in computing devices, carrying unencrypted healthcare information, underlining how companies continue to lack even the most basic security measures. (Third Certainty)