05.20.2016Enterprise Tech

Enterprise Technology Spotlight: SDN, online fraud and customer loyalty

By: Grainne Colgan
Verizon Diversity & Inclusion

NFV World Congress 2016 is a global industry forum where industry insiders meet to examine, debate, learn and exchange knowledge on network function virtualization (NFV) and software-defined networks (SDN). Shawn Hakl delivered the keynote at this year’s event and discussed Verizon’s SDN & NFV progress over the last year, lessons learned along the way and get key insights into the future of NFV/SDN.

In other news, the Hong Kong Monetary Authority’s chief executive, Norman Chan Tak-lam, advised consumers on best online security practice, as online fraud reached a new high in the territory. The maturing e-commerce development in Hong Kong, greater availability to access online shopping platforms and underdeveloped privacy protection practices, are all contributing factors.

Becoming a trusted advisor for customers – one who understands their key challenges to business growth, and works with them (and a strong community of experts and partners) to find solutions to those partners – is a critical step in the relationship process. A company viewed as a trusted advisor is viewed as an indispensable asset and more than just a technology vendor. Verizon has invested heavily in an executive briefing program for this express purpose. That investment has paid off and was recently recognized by a leading industry association.

Here are our top three stories from this week…

Virtual services for enterprise customers… one year in

In this keynote video, Shawn Hakl, VP, Product and New Business Innovation, Verizon gives conference delegates an insight into the success of Verizon’s global SDN deployments in 2015. Shawn also delves into the technical and consumer lessons learned over the past year, emphasising how these lessons will help the industry collectively build better solutions to the end customer. (Layer 123/NFV World Congress)

Hacking your account: still as easy as ‘123456’

With a boom in internet banking and online shopping across Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Monetary Authority’s chief executive, Norman Chan Tak-lam has called for better online security practice. Norman stated that According to data from the organization, the number of internet bank accounts in Hong Kong has surpassed 11 million, and nearly half of banking customers use internet or mobile banking services if available. (South China Morning Post)

Verizon Enterprise Solutions award highlights commitment to customer experience

Verizon Enterprise Solutions’ Executive Briefing Program was recently awarded the “2016 World Class Briefing Program of the Year” by the Association of Briefing Program Managers (ABPM). This is the industry’s highest honor. Verizon was recognized for excellence in management, customer experience, measurement and planning. (Loyalty360)