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That feeling when you try virtual reality for the first time

By: Albert Aydin
Visit a Verizon Wireless store to try it yourself

“So like, there’s a tree here, a tree here… and a brontosaurus.”

“Ok, alrighty mister shark!”

These are just some of the phrases heard when folks tried out virtual reality for the first time.

We took a Samsung Gear VR into New York and let people experience the virtual world. They saw dinosaurs, went cage diving with a shark, sat courtside at a basketball game, and some even witnessed a superhero battle – just by putting on the headset while standing in Herald Square. Imagine being virtually transported to new world and looking around at the environment verses just looking at it on a flat display.

If you’re curious to see what they saw, visit a Verizon Wireless store and ask for a virtual reality demo. Use the store locator to find the nearest store near you.

Oh, and the above footage was recorded using a Samsung Galaxy S7.

Albert Aydin is a Verizon Wireless analyst for Corporate Communications focusing on the latest and greatest wireless devices. He writes about smartphones, tablets, mobile hotspots and all the cool things you can do using 4G LTE. He also writes about those upcoming devices en Español. He was a Verizon Wireless summer intern throughout his college years before joining the team full time in 2010.