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This is a guest post by John Manganilla, product manager for FiOS Mobile based in San Francisco. 

There’s no doubt our days have become fast-paced. We are swept up in our everyday happenings and sometimes set down in places far from home. We’ve been working endlessly to ensure our customers can receive a little more comfort when this happens.

By the Numbers


We continue to expand the free FiOS Mobile app content offering for those times when you are away. In the past 12 months, we have increased to over 60 the number of national out-of-home channels available. Additionally, the app’s in-home offering has reached over 160 channels. Oh, and did I mention the 70,000 On Demand titles available? 


Our customers have responded to these offering with over 8.1 billion minutes viewed on the app to date. 


In the coming months, you can expect to see more from the FiOS Mobile App, such as an enhanced intuitive redesign, social elements, and, of course, more of the channels and titles you love.


Stay tuned.


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