FiOS Partners with Local Businesses to Engage Hispanic Consumers & Demonstrate the ‘Amazing-ness’ of FiOS TV

Through partnerships with local businesses (including restaurants, bars and supermarkets) in key Hispanic communities in the Northeast, we’re reaching out to these important customers – in their own backyards – to show them the amazing picture and advantages of FiOS TV. These local, culturally-relevant businesses are designated as our “FiOS Spots,” where we are bringing the FiOS experience to these great neighborhoods.

FiOS Spots are part of the community and help to both educate consumer say bout FiOS in a unique setting, and of course bring some fun! So, while consumers are enjoying their meal at their favorite local restaurant, we’re also serving up our own menu of appetizing choices of FiOS services.

High traffic businesses in the Bronx, Yonkers and Providence will showcase FiOS benefits through:

  • Live FiOS service
  • Branding at their locations (including “Powered by FiOS” window clings and signage on TVs)
  • Media awareness, including print, mailers, flyers and mobile billboards
  • Local events at the hot spot locations!

On June 29, we kicked off an initial 16-week campaign targeting areas in these three areas We’re partnering with two businesses and hosting eight events in each location. By the end of this campaign, we'll have completed 176 events!
And it doesn’t stop there. Later in the year we’ll move on to target areas in Queens, Long Island and regions in Massachusetts, providing even more opportunity for our Hispanic customers – and potential customers can see first-hand the “amazing-ness” of FiOS TV.

Check out the upcoming "FiOS Spots" events in local Hispanic communities.  We welcome you to stop by: