FiOS TV: The Most of What You Want to See on VOD

If you’re a fan of movies like me or just prefer your weekly TV shows, it's likely that the lean back viewing experience is just as important as enjoying your favorite entertainment.   

Because two-thirds of all Verizon FiOS customers subscribe to the triple-play (Internet + TV+ Phone) bundle, it’s also likely that we share an appreciation for the tangible difference that a 100 percent fiber-optic network delivers with each of these services. Since the day FiOS was introduced, tech consumers have raved about FiOS Internet. Similarly, FiOS TV continues to earn kudos from HD TV aficionados for its superior picture quality.

But TV junkies like us want more than a standout picture. We need lots of great stuff to watch, too... which brings me to a recent report I saw from the media and communications industry news and research firm SNL Kagan (subscription required). It compares the number of video on-demand (VOD) titles offered by the major cable companies and FiOS TV On Demand.

The verdict?

With more than 50,000 on-demand movies and TV shows available each month, FiOS TV crushes the competition, offering more VOD choices than any of its cable competitors: Cablevision (8,700), Charter (10,000), Comcast (35,000), Cox (20,000), and Time Warner Cable (19,000). FiOS TV also beats the industry average with more than 15,000 of its VOD titles in HD. For those keeping a keen eye on the household budget, you should know that thousands of on-demand shows can also be watched for free on FiOS TV. And remember, the hit movies always come to FiOS TV On Demand up to four weeks before the other guys.

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