Flexible protection that’s perfect for families

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Verizon’s new Total Mobile Protection Multi-Device program covers up to 10 devices

BASKING RIDGE, N.J. – Forget the blame: now families can share the claim when a device is lost, stolen or damaged beyond repair. That’s especially good news for parents, who are more likely to have broken or lost an average of two mobile phones, according to a recent survey.

With Verizon’s new Total Mobile Protection Multi-Device, customers with plans of three to 10 devices now have the flexibility to file up to six claims on three eligible lines on their account over a 12-month period. Customers do not have to choose which three lines are covered up front, which means all of the lines on the account are covered until a claim is filed.

Verizon already offers Total Mobile Protection for individual lines of service, and the new program now expands protection to accounts with three or more lines. Total Mobile Protection offers customers next-day device replacement, an extended warranty, access to Tech Coach and the Verizon Support and Protection app.

The purchase of a wireless device is a significant investment, and the average family could have thousands of dollars worth of uninsured tech in their hands at any given time. For $33 a month, or what equates to buying three fewer small coffees per week, families can have peace of mind knowing their devices are covered.

From now until Sept. 15, 2016, existing Verizon customers can add Total Mobile Protection or Total Mobile Protection Multi-Device as part of the open enrollment period. Outside of the Open Enrollment period, customers can add equipment protection at the point of device purchase or upgrade.