The future of retail with Shelly Palmer and Tami Erwin.

By: Katie Regner

In the latest Up To Speed Podcast, they discuss what it takes to succeed in a challenging environment.

The future of retail.


Across the board, retail is evolving. What does the future look like?

In the latest episode in our Up To Speed Podcast series, Verizon Wireless COO Tami Erwin and technology expert Shelly Palmer discuss the evolving retail landscape, and what it takes to win in a challenging environment.

The conversation highlights personalized experiences, the “creepy vs. cool” factor when it comes to customer data, and why humans are key to the customer experience when it comes to building trust.

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Katie is a member of the Verizon Corporate Communications team and a regular host of Up To Speed. She's a new mom with a passion for show tunes trying to keep up with the latest trends in tech.