Get a second chance to protect your device

In today’s world, customers rely on their mobile network more than ever to stay connected but, what about the device itself? Cracked screens, broken ports and water damage are just a few of the unfortunate accidents that can happen at any time. According to Motorola, a smartphone display cracks every 2 seconds and 37% of smartphone owners have experienced the pain of a cracked or shattered display.

Verizon is opening enrollment between January 11th and March 10th for those who want a second chance to protect their devices when the unexpected happens. With Total Mobile Protection, get the added piece of mind that you are covered in case of dings, drops and disappearing devices.

Total Mobile Protection: Comprehensive coverage for loss, theft, physical or water damage to your device. It also includes Verizon Tech Coach, a smart tech support service for your device and virtually anything that connects to it.  Plus, you also get the Verizon Support & Protection (VSP) app that offers 1-tap access to call or chat with a friendly Tech Coach and protection against digital threats such as viruses and malware.

“Each year, one in four customers experience loss, theft or damage of wireless devices. Smartphones and tablets are an important investment that many of us depend on to remain connected to friends, family and the office,” said Jeff Dietel Vice President of Wireless Devices. “Total Mobile Protection offers value through device coverage and mobile support.”