Headed to Brazil this summer? Share the greatest moments with 50% off TravelPass

By: Kelly Crummey

Whether you’re cheering on your favorite event or competing for victory, you can now share your favorite moments in Brazil for half the price. For a limited time only, Verizon customers traveling to Brazil can use their domestic talk, text, and data plans for just $5 a day. Unlike other discount wireless providers’ promotions, TravelPass comes with unlimited talk and text and lets you use your plan’s 4G LTE data abroad.

Have other travel plans on your mind this summer? Whether you’re visiting family abroad, doing business internationally or just have a case of wanderlust, Verizon keeps you connected. We’ve even added more countries to TravelPassSM, giving more access where you want it most.

With TravelPass, you can use your existing talk, text, and data plan while traveling abroad for as little as $2 per day, per line*. Say goodbye to roaming charges and searching for Wi-Fi, and say hello to calls, texts and data in more than 100 TravelPass countries.

Where will your travels take you? Learn more about TravelPass and our affordable plans for staying connected while outside the U.S.

See all countries where TravelPass is available and check out the TravelPass FAQ. Bon voyage!

* Taxes and fees apply; qualifying plan and compatible 4G LTE world phone required.