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His Military Experience Pays Off in New Career

Growing up in Conquest, NY, just outside Syracuse, David Simpson never thought his experiences would lead him to national TV.

But that’s just where the new Verizon employee found himself Saturday morning, March 22, when he was interviewed on Fox and Friends on a segment titled “From Deployed to Employed,” talking about his experience as a member of the military applying for a job in the corporate world.

Currently a Lieutenant in the U.S Army Reserves, David joined Verizon in January after attending a virtual career fair, sponsored by Veterans’ Recruiting service, on – what else? – Veterans Day last November. He decided to visit the Verizon “booth” and chatted with one of the company’s career counselors about job opportunities at Verizon. After an extended online conversation and interviews, David was hired as a sales supervisor, working out of the company’s newly refurbished offices in downtown Brooklyn. His grandfather Walter Kreisberg worked for Bell Atlantic, a Verizon predecessor company.

It has been “an amazing transition for me,” David told the Fox interviewer, referring to his dual role from Army Reserve Officer to current Verizon supervisor. During the interview, David pointed out that the important military qualities of “leadership, development and performance,” are the key attributes that have helped in the transition.

“You have to take the things you did in the military career, and focus them toward the corporate workplace,” he said. It’s a struggle for people in the military, or veterans, “because they have trouble relating their military experience to the workplace. A lot of trouble for them is how to condense their military resume and tailor it toward whatever position they are applying for.”

As a parting word of advice, David said, “Take care of your resume and cover letter,” making sure it’s ready to go.

David’s “leadership, development and performance” continue to be paying off for him on the military side; he was recently notified that he will soon be promoted to Captain in the U.S. Army Reserves.