How Canary Home Security System Saved a Couple From a Fire

It was a nightmare turned real for Verizon solutions specialist Heather Wilkerson and her husband.

While sleeping, an electrical fire brewed in the basement of their two story duplex. By 2:50 a.m., smoke billowed up to the first floor residence and flowed through the vents into the Wilkerson duplex. “In the process of painting, we took all the smoke detectors down. We were sleeping in the living room and the Canary was sitting on the mantle,” said Heather.

At 2:54 a.m., their Canary Home Security system - packed with built-in sensors - detected abnormal air quality levels and sounded a warning alarm, quickly waking up the couple in time to scoop up their two dogs and two cats and get out of their home.

The Canary Home Security system saved lives and property. Thanks to the Canary – a product classified under “the Internet of Things” - just 15 minutes passed from the alarm sounding and the fire department getting the fire under control. Fire damage was minimal, but heavy smoke damage required the family to move into a hotel until recovery was completed.

“Canary streams real-time video, so I can check in on the recovery process any time! I purchased my first Canary during the launch because they were on sale and figured I would try it,” said Heather. “After the incident, I purchased another Canary and the new Nest Protect smoke alarm.

We are very thankful that both humans and pets got out alive. I am also thankful for my Canary — what a great product!”