How to follow up after a job interview.

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A Verizon recruiter shares tips on how to follow up after a job interview. Learn when to follow up after an interview, what to write in a follow-up email, and how to ask for an update.

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Congrats — you’ve just completed an interview for your dream job! Wondering what to do after a job interview? You may want to think about sending a thank-you note to your interviewer. Remember that your recruiter may be interviewing many other candidates at this time, so sending them a timely note is a great way to be remembered. 

Ready to follow up but not sure how? Let Verizon Recruiter Patricia K. walk you through her top tips on how to follow up after an interview. 

Show your appreciation. 

Once the interview has concluded, it’s important to let your interviewer know that you appreciate them for taking the time to speak with you and walk you through the hiring process.  

In your follow-up email after the interview, start your intro paragraph with a quick “Thank you” message. You should go on to mention the job title, a key takeaway from your interview, and showcase your interest in the position. 

Highlight your personality. 

This is another opportunity to show your authentic self. Share a goal or detail from your conversation that really excites you about the role. Show them why you stand out among other candidates and why you’re ultimately a great fit for the team. 

Express your excitement for the opportunity. 

You should also be sure to reiterate your interest not only in the role but also in the company and its culture. Show that you’re a strong candidate for the position and that you’d love the opportunity to move forward in the process, if possible.  

You can close your message by welcoming any additional questions, and saying that you're looking forward to hearing back. 

How do you follow up after an interview?

Wondering how to follow up after an interview if you haven’t heard back? Emails and LinkedIn are great avenues to craft your message and send a quick follow-up note. 

Good old-fashioned phone calls also work just as well! If you choose to call, make sure you continue to show your enthusiasm and drive over the phone.    

V Team success story. 

Patricia shares the story of a current V Teamer who went above and beyond as a candidate, consistently following up with his recruiter and ultimately getting the job.

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