How to manage your wireless data and avoid overages

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By: Bobby Morrison

The proliferation of new data-hungry apps, auto-play videos on social channels and the availability of super-fast 4G LTE networks have had a direct impact on the amount of data consumers use. Between April 2013 and April 2016, our smartphone customers’ average data use grew from 1 GB of data per month to 2.7 GB per month, and that’s only going to increase as consumers continue to rely on mobile.

In addition to consumers inherently using more data because of increased use of mobile phones, there are a few trends that impact data use. For example, recent updates to social platforms include video auto-play and livestreaming. While we love social media, these changes mean that you’re likely using more data than you were last year, even if your time spent on these sites and apps hasn’t changed. To see how much data these apps use, check the settings feature on your phone.

Modern smartphones are so powerful that they are increasingly replacing the computer and television as the media center of choice in many homes. With changes in technology, you need greater mobile data oversight. For years, we’ve been automatically sending you alerts when you’ve used 90% of your data allowance, and then again once you’ve used all of it.

Putting you in control of your data use is one of the main reasons we changed our plans in July and launched the new My Verizon app. Developed to help eliminate surprise overages, the My Verizon app clearly shows you how much data is remaining for the month, how much you’ve used and which line in your family is using it.

The new Verizon Plan, the companion plan to the new My Verizon app, includes features like Carryover data, which moves your unused plan data over to the next month, and Safety Mode to help ensure you don’t have data overages. When you enable Safety Mode, once you’ve hit your data limit we’ll move your data plan from 4G LTE to 128 kbps speeds to ensure you stay connected without paying overage fees for the extra data you use.

We also introduced PopData last week, which gives you another tool to help you get the most from your data. PopData is a new time-based 4G LTE data option that gives you options for 30-minute and 60-minute all-you-can-stream 4G LTE data sessions. If you’re trying to download a movie before getting on a plane or need to entertain the kids while stuck in traffic, PopData gives you a cost-effective option when you need a lot of data in a short period of time.

Today’s mobile technology and high-speed networks allow you to instantly and easily connect with friends and family, watch your favorite shows and share your life through your favorite social media platforms. Tools like data alerts, and the new Verizon plan features like Carryover data and Safety Mode, help ensure that you don’t have to worry about running out of data.