Hurricane Irma update

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Verizon Disaster Recovery caravan

With the restoral of 100 percent of our network facilities in the Florida Keys over the weekend, the Verizon network is operating business as usual from a performance perspective across the state of Florida. Verizon continues to support government officials and first responders with ongoing recovery efforts statewide, as well as those in the community who need assistance with charging devices, Internet access and more. Most recently, the company deployed a fleet of mobile assets to the Keys, at Cudjoe Key (Mile Marker 21) and Big Pine Key (Mile Marker 30) including:

  • Tactical Command Trailer, a completely self-sufficient trailer that provides support to government agencies and can function successfully on deployments as short as a day or as long as several months
  • Mobile Command Center, which helps provide support to rebuild network infrastructure and also provide support to government agencies
  • Gooseneck Trailer, equipped with connectivity, 5 mobile workstations and an inflatable shelter
  • Big Red, a big rig equipped with connectivity, 24 mobile workstations
Verizon Disaster Recovery caravan

We are also in the process of deploying a Wireless Emergency Communications Center (WECC) to Marathon in the Keys. We will continue to partner with municipalities in the hardest hit areas throughout the state to provide them with the ongoing resources needed as the recovery process continues.  

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Five days after Hurricane Irma paved through the state of Florida, Verizon's network continues to show its resiliency, with close to 97% of our facilities in Florida in service.
Verizon network engineers are working 24x7 to restore service and make repairs to the network, and two WECCs have been deployed in Naples near the areas hardest hit by the storm.